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R3C-2 Doolittle 1/20 Scale Model Aircraft

R3C-2 Doolittle 1/20 Scale Model Aircraft
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Model: KR3C2DTE
Dimensions: Length: 13.56 x Span: 13.38

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The R3C-2 is a racing aircraft built in land and seaplane form manufactured by Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company for the Schneider Trophy race. The R3C was introduced in 1925. James Doolittle won the trophy with a Curtiss R3C-2 but the other two Curtiss R3C-2s, piloted by George Cuddihy and Ralph Oftsie did not reach the finish line. The next day, Doolittle set a new world record. The primary user of the R3C is the United States Army. The R3C-2 incorporates a Curtiss V-1400, 619 hp. The R3C-2 has a crew of 1 and has a maximum speed of 248 mph.

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