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N2S-2/3/4 Stearman Yellow Peril 1/22 Scale Model Aircraft

N2S-2/3/4 Stearman Yellow Peril 1/22 Scale Model Aircraft
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Model: APT17NTS
Dimensions: Length: 13.50 x Span: 17.50

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In 1935, Lloyd Stearman developed the N2S Stearman and produced several models until February 4, 1941. The N2S Stearman or Yellow Peril was a unique, all metal frame construction aircraft. The front of the Yellow Peril to the firewall in the front cockpit and the vertical stabilizer were metal covered and the rest of the aircraft was fabric covered. The N2S Stearman depicted a revised tail shape and with the exception of first thirty produced. The Yellow Peril served as a primary trainer during World War II. Four of the N2S Stearman was assigned to the coast guard during the war.

The name Yellow Peril originated from the fact that all naval trainers painted the N2S Stearman orange-yellow since 1917 as well as from its use in Naval Aviation Reserve bases where the cadets received their first training. There were several versions of N2S Stearman which were also delivered to England, China, Peru and Venezuela.

The NS2 Yellow Peril was easy to fly and very user friendly to new pilots. The Yellow Peril had a reputation for being a rugged airplane and a good teacher. The airplane was consistently known as the Stearman by many, PT by the army, N2S by the Navy and Kaydet by the Canadian forces. Whatever name it may have, the N2S Yellow Peril was still one of the planes that made mark in history.

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