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L-1011 TWA 1/100 Scale Model Aircraft

L-1011 TWA 1/100 Scale Model Aircraft
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Model: KL101TWAT
Dimensions: Length: 21.50 x Span: 18.50

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The Lockheed L-1011 TriStar was the main competitor to McDonnell Douglas' DC-10, having a wide-body, high capacity tri-jets for medium to long haul routes.

The L-1011 project was launched in 1968. In 1972, L-1011 entered service with TWA and Eastern Airlines. The initial version of the TriStar was the L-1011-1, which was the most-built variant. It has a greater fuel capacity and incorporates -200 more powerful engines. The L-1011 has a typical two-class seating of 256 and a range of 5,752 km.

There were many civilian operators of the TriStar including Aer Lingus, AeroPeru, Air Atlanta Icelandic, Air Canada, Air France, Air Luxor, Air Lanka, All Nippon Airways, Arrow Air, ATA Airlines, British Airways and many more. Most major airlines retired the L-1011 from their fleets. TWA withdrew its last TriStar from service in 1997. The TriStar was also used as a military tanker and passenger/cargo aircraft. Royal Air Force has nine aircraft of four variants

The L-1011 was to be the last passenger airliner and in 1983, production ended. Many TriStars were converted for improved performance.

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