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Luftwaffe Tornado 1/48 Scale Model Aircraft

Luftwaffe Tornado 1/48 Scale Model Aircraft
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The Panavia Tornado is a twin-engine combat aircraft developed by the United Kingdom, West Germany and Italy.

The prototype of the German (Luftwaffe) Tornado made its first flight on August 14, 1974 from Manching airbase (West Germany). On July 27, 1979, the first delivery of 247 IDS variants, including 35 special ECR was made. German Tornados undertook NATO combat operations during the Kosovo War. In 2000, German RECCE, IDS and ECR Tornados received the ASSTA 1 Upgrade and the integration of the ASSTA2 upgrade began in 2005. In 2007, a detachment of 6 Tornados of the 51st reconnaissance wing deployed to Mazari-Sharif, Northern Afghanistan, to support NATO forces.

The Tornado was originally designed as a low-level supersonic ground attack bomber which is capable of taking off and landing in short distances. The aircraft was designed to be land-based and operate from large airfields vulnerable to aerial attack. That's why during its development, short field landing capability was considered essential to enable the aircraft to operate for short strips on potentially damaged runways and taxiways.

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