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F4U-4 Black Sheep Squadron USMC 1/26 Scale Model Aircraft

F4U-4 Black Sheep Squadron USMC 1/26 Scale Model Aircraft
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Model: AF4U4MTS
Dimensions: Length: 15.25 x Span: 19.00

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The F4U Corsair has proven to the most capable capable carrier based fighter of World War II.

In June 1942, the first production of the F4U-1s were delivered. The famous Black Sheep squadron of book and TV series fame immortalized the Corsair in the blue South Pacific skies. The F4U-4 was the definitive version of the F4U Corsair. It features a four-bladed Hamilton Standard Hydromatic propeller, a new cockpit layout, a clear view sliding hood, a two stage turbo-supercharged engine and under wing attachment points for 8-5 inch rockets or bombs. Most F4U-4s retained the standard armament of 6- .50 caliber wing mounted machine guns. The F4U-4 incorporates a Pratt & Whitney R-2000-18W. It has a maximum speed of 435 mph at 15,000 ft and a range of 1,005 miles at 214 mph at 15,000 ft.

The Corsair was one of the great fighters of World War II and was proven much later in its service during the Korean War.

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