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F2A-2 Buffalo 1/24 Scale Model Aircraft

F2A-2 Buffalo 1/24 Scale Model Aircraft
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Model: AF2ATE
Dimensions: Length: 12.88 x Span: 17.25

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In 1939, the F2A became the first monoplane fighter aircraft used by the US Navy. In December 1941, it suffered severe losses with both British Commonwealth and Dutch air forces in South East Asia while facing the Japanese Navy A6M Zero and the Japanese Army's Oscar. It also saw action with US Marine Corps squadrons at the Battle of Midway. Frustrated with the Buffalo's poor maneuverability and speed compared to the Japanese Zero, the F2A was derided by U.S. Marine Corps pilots as a "flying coffin", However, during the Continuation War of 1941-1944, the Buffaloes operated by the Finnish Air Force proved capable of engaging and destroying most types of Soviet fighter aircraft operating against Finland at that time.

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