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DC-3 Delta Airlines 1/72 Scale Model Aircraft

DC-3 Delta Airlines 1/72 Scale Model Aircraft
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Model: KDC3DAT
Dimensions: Length: 11.00 x Span: 16.00

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The Douglas DC-3 is a fixed wing, propeller-driven aircraft and is generally considered one of the most significant transport aircraft ever made.

The DC3's maiden fight was on December 17, 1935. DC3's were drafted for the war effort and nearly 10,000 military versions were built during World War II and were designated as C-47, C-53, R4D and Dakota. The DC-3 and its military variants were used by the Armed Forces for the transport of troops, cargo and wounded. Both Delta and Continental Airlines operate DC-3s. It was also used to fly air shows today and has been used in various movies. Thousands of surplus C-47s were converted to civil service, became the standard equipment of most world's airlines and it remained in front-line service for many years.

The DC-3 has a maximum speed of 237 mph and a range of 1,025 mi.

There were 10,655 DC-3s built at Sta. Monica, California and Long Beach, California, both in civil and military versions. In 1998, there are over 400 DC-3s which remained in commercial service.

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