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AT-6G Texan (Silver) USAF 1/32 Scale Model Aircraft

AT-6G Texan (Silver) USAF 1/32 Scale Model Aircraft
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Model: AT06AYT
Dimensions: Length: 10.75 x Span: 15.75

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The AT-6 Texan advanced trainer, built by North American, is one of the most widely used aircraft in history. Also known as the pilot maker, 15,495 Texans were built between 1938 and 1945. The U.S.A.A.F. procured 10,057 AT-6's; others went to the Navy as SNJ's and to more than 30 Allied nations. Most AAF fighter pilots trained in AT-6's prior to graduation from flying school. Many of the Spitfire and Hurricane pilots in the Battle of Britain trained in Canada in Harvards, the British version of the AT-6. To comply with neutrality laws, U.S. built Harvards were flown north to the border and were pushed across.

In 1948, Texans still in USAF service were redesignated as T-6's. To meet an urgent need for close air support of ground forces in the Korean Conflict, T-6's flew mosquito missions spotting enemy troops and guns and marking them with smoke rockets for attack by fighter-bombers. More than 360 T-6's are still flying.

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