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T-33A Shooting Star 1/48 Scale Model Aircraft

T-33A Shooting Star 1/48 Scale Model Aircraft
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Model: CT33AT
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The T-33 Shooting Star is a jet trainer aircraft produced by Lockheed and piloted by Tony Levier.

The T-33 was originally designated as the TF-80C and its maiden was on March 22, 1948. In the 1980s, the T-33 served as currency trainers, drone towing, combat and tactical simulation training, hack aircraft, electronic countermeasures and warfare training and test platforms. There was an attempt to modify and modernize the T-33 as the Boeing Skyfox, but the project was cancelled due to lack orders.

The T-33A has a crew of two. It has a maximum speed of 600 mph and a range of 1,275 miles ferry. The T-33 has two 0.50 in Browning M3 machine guns with 350 rounds per gun and has up to 2,000 lb of ordnance on two underwing hardpoints. Weapons carried include bombs and rocket pods.

The primary users of the T-33 are the United States Air Force, United States Navy and the Royal Thai Air Force. The T-33 saw service in over 30 nations and still operates as a trainer in smaller air forces. Other operators of the T-33 include Brazil, Turkey and Thailand, using the aircraft extensively.

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