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Nieuport 28 Fighter 1/20 Scale Model Aircraft

Nieuport 28 Fighter 1/20 Scale Model Aircraft
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Model: FFN28TE
Dimensions: Length: 16.00 x Span: 12.75

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The Nieuport 28 is a French biplane fighter aircraft built by Nieuport and designed by Gustave Delage.

The Nieuport 28's maiden flight was on June 14, 1917. The Nieuport 28 type was already a surplus from the French point of view. A total of 297 Nieuport 28s were purchased by the Americans and they were used to equip the very first American squadrons, with four AEF pursuit squadrons flew the Nieuports 28s operationally, the 27th, 94th, 95th and 103rd Aero Squadrons.

The Nieuport 28 has crew of 1. It has a maximum speed of 184 km/h and a range of 349 km. It has two 0.303 in Vickers machine guns. The primary users of the Nieuport 28 are Aeronautique Militaire and U.S. Army Air Service. There are about 300 Nieuport 28s built. After the end of World War I, some Nieuport 28s crossed the Atlantic with the returning American forces and a few were supplied to various foreign air forces.

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