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Nieuport 17C 1/20 Scale Model Aircraft

Nieuport 17C 1/20 Scale Model Aircraft
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Model: FFN17TE
Dimensions: Length: 11.50 x Span: 16.13

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Nieuport is a French aeroplane company which became famous for racers and fighter aircraft during World War I and between the wars. The Nieuport 17 was similar to the earlier Nieuport 11, but incorporates a more powerful engine, larger wings and a more refined structure in general.

The Nieuport 17 was widely used during World War II. The Nieuport 17 was first equipped with a 110-hp (82 kW) engine and was later upgraded to a 130-hp (97 kW) engine. The Nieuport 17 had outstanding maneuverability, but it suffered some problems due to its lower wing. The Nieuport 17, same with the Nieuport 21 and Nieuport 23 versions were also manufactured under license in Russia.

William Avery (Billy) Bishop, a top scoring Commonwealth ace, scored many victories with the Nieuport 17.

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