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G-5/FF-1 Fifi 1/24 Scale Model Aircraft

G-5/FF-1 Fifi 1/24 Scale Model Aircraft
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Model: ACFF1TE
Dimensions: Length: 12.25 x Span: 17.75

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The G-5/FF-1 Fifi is a naval fighter aircraft manufactured by Grumman and was designed by Leroy Grumman. The primary users and operators of the FF-1 are the United States NAvy, Spanish Republican Air Force and the Royal Canadian Air Force.

In June 1933, FF-1s were delivered to Fighter Squadron VF-5B of the USS Lexington. In service, the FF-1 became known as Fifi. FF-1, together with the SF-1 were withdrawn from first-line US Navy squadrons by the end of 1936 and reallocated to reserve units. In the late 1940, most of the FF-1s are still in service. The FF-1 has a crew of 1. It has a maximum speed of 207 mph and a range of 685 mi. Armament includes 2 .30 M1919 Browning machine guns and a 100 lb bomb. It incorporates a Wright R-1820-78 Cyclone radial engine. There are 120 FF-1s built.

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