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C-2A Greyhound 1/48 Scale Model Aircraft

C-2A Greyhound 1/48 Scale Model Aircraft
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Model: AC2AT
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The C-2 Greyhound was designed by the Navy to provide critical logistics support to aircraft carriers. The C-2 aircraft primary mission is Carrier Onboard Delivery or COD. The Greyhound replaced the piston-engined C-1 and was a derivative of the E-2 Hawkeye. The C-2 Greyhound shares wings and power plants with the E-2 Hawkeye but it has more widened fuselage with a rear loading ramp.

The C-2 Greyhound has a vast range of communications and radio navigation equipment compatible for both military and civil airways on a worldwide basis. The communication equipments include HF, WHF and UHF. And for the radio navigation aids, it includes GPS, OMEGA, TACAN, dual VOR, UHF/DF, LF/ADF, weather radar, Doppler radar and two carrier approach systems.

The C-2 Greyhound can deliver a payload of 10,000 lb. The cabin of C-2 can accommodate cargo, passengers or even both. The C-2 Greyhound is also equipped to accept litter patients in medical evacuation missions. The cage system of C-2 aircraft provides cargo restraint for loads during carrier launch or landing. The open ramp of C-2 Greyhound aircraft has the capability that allows airdrop of supplies and personnel from a carrier launched aircraft.

The first two prototypes of C-2 Greyhound first flew in 1964. From the period of November 1985 to February 1987, the VR-24, operating with seven C-2 Greyhound depicted outstanding operational readiness while delivering two million pounds of cargo, two million pounds of mail and 14,000 passengers in support of the European and Mediterranean theaters. The C-2 Greyhound also provided support to the carrier battle groups during the operations of Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

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