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B757-200 United Airlines 1/100 Scale Model Aircraft

B757-200 United Airlines 1/100 Scale Model Aircraft
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Model: KB757UATR
Dimensions: Length: 19.00 x Span: 15.00

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The Boeing 757 is a medium-range, transcontinental commercial airplane manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes and was designed for Eastern Airlines and British Airways to replace the Boeing 727.

The 757 was originally designated as the 7N7. It has transatlantic range and was one of the earliest ETOPS rated airliners. The 757 utilizes many of the same components as the wide body 767, aircrews and maintenance personnel can quickly be cross-trained from one type to another. 757 has the same fuselage diameter as the previous 707, 727 and 737. The 757 was the first Boeing airliner launched with non-US engines, Rolls-Royce RB211-535 but another option was later offered, the Pratt & Whitney PW2000.

The 757-200 is the definitive version of 757 and forms the majority of 757. It was manufactured in freighter and passenger-freight combi versions. In the late 1990's, some 757-200 airliners were converted to freighters.

Majority of 757-200s are found in domestic service with U.S. carriers. In the mid-90's, sales of the 757 went down dramatically.

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